Women Golfers Value Electric Caddies Ahead of New Set of Clubs

To celebrate Women’s Golf Day – a weeklong (30 May – 6 June) celebration where women and girls can experience golf for the first time or where current players can play and engage with women interested in golf – a recent survey has suggested the majority of women golfers who use an electric caddy as their preferred method of getting around the course, put the value of it on a par with or even ahead of investing in a new set of clubs.

According to independent research* commissioned by the world's leading trolley brand Motocaddy, over two-thirds of lady golfers in the UK and Ireland (69%) rate the convenient powered caddy as either a similar investment to new sticks or an even better one for raising their game, of whom more than one in five (21%) deem it as the better purchase.

The survey also found that almost nine out of ten women golfers (88%) use an electric caddy as their most frequent method to play golf, with electric caddies being by far the most popular choice among three-quarters (75%) of respondents.

Women Golfer with M5 GPS DHC

The overwhelming majority of women playing on a regular basis (98%) own an electric caddy, while most (95%) claim to be either quite or very satisfied with their choice. Half also credit their electric caddy with enabling them to play more golf and a similar number (49%) claim that walking the course without the strain of carrying a bag is the single biggest benefit and a key contributor to making golf more enjoyable.

Having more energy to hit the ball and encountering fewer injuries are two other main reasons cited as helping women golfers play better golf, while many also attribute an electric caddy’s ability to help them carry more game improvement equipment (36%) and provide the opportunity to add accessories (31%) - like a drink and umbrella holder, plus electric hand warmers that can be attached to the caddy handle - as defining benefits to help their game.

“This is the first in-depth survey among women golfers on the subject of electric caddies and helps us understand how, when and why they use them and what features they are looking for in future models,” said Motocaddy Marketing Director, Oliver Churcher. “The fact that so many female golfers put an electric caddy alongside or even ahead of a new set of clubs as an investment in their game shows how important it is for us to continue to innovate and add value to our range of products to allow even more golfers to experience the benefits,” he added.

In terms of comparisons between the sexes, the survey found that while 88% of UK and Ireland male golfers also prefer either an electric or push caddy to navigate the course, a smaller percentage of men (63%) use an electric caddy (compared with 75% of women), but more men opt for using a pushcart (25%). The vast majority of men and women golfers (95%) claim to be either quite or very satisfied with their choices and 78% of male golfers are either very or quite likely to buy another caddy in the future against 70% of females sharing the same sentiment.

*The research was conducted among United Kingdom and Ireland male and female golfers in July and August 2021 by leading sports research company Sporting Insights.