Frequently Asked Questions


How heavy are Motocaddy batteries?

The Motocaddy standard range lead-acid battery weighs 6.5kg and the extended range option weighs 10.5kg. If you are worried about the weight of the battery you will be lifting on and off your trolley, our lightest battery is the lithium battery weighing only 2.5kg.

How long does the battery take to recharge?

After a full round of golf it will take approximately 8 to 14 hours to recharge the battery depending on the model and capacity.

I have just received my new trolley, put the battery on charge and the light has gone green in less than an hour, is anything faulty?

Motocaddy batteries are partially charged prior to delivery. We always recommend charging your battery for at least 8 hours before it is used for the first time.

If I only play 9 holes, do I still have to recharge the battery before the next game?

The battery must always be charged after every use irrespective of the number of holes played.

Is my battery ready to use as soon as the green light shows on the charger?

When the green light is showing, the battery is fully charged and ready to be used.

Should I buy a second battery?

If you need to play 36 holes in a day you should either buy an extended range battery or a spare standard battery. If you opt for using two batteries make sure you rotate their use to prolong the life of both batteries.

Should I fully discharge my battery from time to time?

You must never fully discharge the battery as this could severely reduce the capacity of the battery. If you notice the trolley starting to travel more slowly than usual you should stop using it as soon as possible.

What happens if my battery stops before the end of my round?

If your battery stops before the completion of the round, Motocaddy trolleys have a freewheel feature to allow you to complete your game. When you get home, open up the battery bag and check the battery terminals to ensure that they are properly connected. If this does not resolve the issue, please call our technical team.
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What is the maximum weight that a Motocaddy trolley can carry?

We recommend a maximum weight of 20kg, which is more than enough for a cart bag full with 14 clubs, waterproofs, plenty of balls etc.

What maintenance does an electric Motocaddy trolley require?

We recommend applying a small amount of grease to the end of the axle when the axle is dry. A lithium based grease is recommended. This process should be repeated every season, or more frequently as required.

We also recommend that you keep the cart clean by regularly wiping it down with a damp cloth. Please don’t use a pressure washer as you might end up with water in places you don’t want it.

Always recharge the battery as soon as possible after finishing your round, regardless of the number of holes played - ideally within 12-hours.

If you are not planning on playing golf for a number of weeks, it is advised to store the battery fully-charged. Before the battery is used again, recharge it (top it up) prior to use. The battery must not be left for longer than 2-months without charging as this could invalidate your warranty.

What should I do if my display screen has misted up during use?

Certain moisture, temperature and humidity conditions can result in localised misting within the display screen. This will not affect the trolley functionality, nor cause any damage and will return to normal when adverse conditions subside.

What warranty does a Motocaddy trolley come with?

All Motocaddy trolleys are covered by a comprehensive 2-year warranty from date of purchase. Motocaddy Lithium batteries are covered by a 2-year warranty with an additional 3 year limited warranty also available upon completion of a valid warranty registration. Lead acid standard & extended batteries are covered by a 12-month warranty from date of purchase.

Will my golf bag fit onto a Motocaddy trolley?

Any standard golf bag will fit securely onto a Motocaddy trolley. Some very large tour bags will fit but may not be the snuggest of fits. The Motocaddy bag range is designed for use with our trolley range and features a unique slot on the base to prevent twisting.
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